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FACT CHECK:  Has Sanusi made claims about Tinubu’s health as Charly Boy posted?

Charles Oputa, also known as Charly boy or Area Fada, tweeted a screenshot on January 19, 2023, of a post purportedly containing a statement from Sanusi Lamido, former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Charly Boy, who is one of Nigeria’s most debated entertainers and the Convener of ‘OurMumuDonDo’ movement, tweeted the image with an exclamation, suggesting he is in agreement with the claim.

The post has garnered hundreds of reactions and comments and has been seen by more than 670,000 Twitter accounts. 

“In 2019, Yorubas wanted President Buhari to resign and hand over power to Vice President Osinbanjo due to his health. In 2023, the same Yorubas are supporting Bola Tinubu whose health is worse than President Buhari’s health. 2023 general election has shown that the North is not the problem of Nigeria but tribalism” the post, attributed to Sanusi, read.

This post has sparked a wide range of responses, with some arguing that no group should be subjected to criticism or ridicule, and others asserting its authenticity.

Did Sanusi make this statement?

Muhammad Sanusi II, who is also known as Lamido Sanusi, has a strong stance on politics and the reconstruction of Nigeria; he has also opposed tribalism in voting but has never publicly addressed one group as the post has done.

Sanusi has consistently expressed a neutral stance about the 2023 election, urging Nigerians to vote for competent leaders, and has asked that the next president brace up for the task ahead.

He, however, we found no evidence of Sanusi making such a statement. No credible media house has reported the claim as shared by Charly Boy. The last time Sanusi made a comment about Bola Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate, was at the Kaduna Investment Forum in October 2022. Sanusi made no claims about Tinubu or President Muhammadu Buhari’s health.

According to Munir Sunusi Bayero, Sanusi’s chief of staff, the 14th Emir of Kano did not author the social media posts making the rounds about the 2023 elections. He added that Sanusi will continue in his role as an elder statement.

Sanusi has said he has no affiliation to any party, and that his party is Nigeria.


There is no evidence to show Sanusi made the claims shared by Charly Boy. Sanusi’s chief of staff has distanced his principal from such social media posts.

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