A video has been shared numerous times on WhatsApp, claiming that bandits recently attacked Zamfara State.

The message reads: “Listen to Trust Radio Live, A video has been shared multiple times on WhatsApp, claiming there was a recent attack by bandits in Zamfara State. This is the real situation happening in Zamfara (sic) state,” a text embedded in the video reads

Some people can be seen in the video sharing their experiences in Hausa, the local language. One of them said that bandits would come into town and attack them and their cattle. Another said the residents fought back and forced the bandits to flee, but they returned on multiple bikes and began shooting sporadically, killing men, women, and children. The people urged the government to send reinforcements to prevent further attacks.


Using InVid, a tool for video verification, a frame-by-frame analysis of the video was done to confirm its authenticity. The results revealed that the clip was first uploaded to a YouTube channel in February 2022.  Further investigation revealed that it was also posted on Facebook by multiple users, just days after the attack. 

Verdict: Misleading.

Based on our investigation and available information, we can confirm that the video making the rounds on WhatsApp claiming a recent bandit attack in Zamfara State is false.

This fact check is produced in collaboration with Daily Trust

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