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With the start of accreditation and voting in the Imo State governorship election, reports have been circulating on social media alleging that the Imo state government in collaboration with telecoms network provider MTN, switched off the network access in the state.


To ascertain if the claim has any factual basis, CDD War Room contacted various field obsevers deployed to the 27 Local Governemnt Areas (LGA) of the state to confirm if network has been shut down. All CDD observes and soldiers of mouth using the network who spoke with us had a seamless call. Also CDD War Room checks showed internet service in all LGA’s in the state were functional. 

Additionally we spoke with MTN regarding the claim. The telecoms service provider debunked the claim, stressing that the company does not shut down its networks, whether on election day or during any other activity.

Verdict: False

CDD War Room spoke with observers, Soldiers of Mouth and MTN who categorically debunked the claim as false.

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