Our Standards

We make it easier for you to confidently research, write and fact-check pieces that are credible and well-balanced. Our extensive content collection includes:
• Unrivalled public records collection with more than 4 Million
public records
• Comprehensive information offering details on
a lot of political parties.
• Extensive legal records including Federal and State bills in Nigeria,
and West African cases, a large collection of
federal, state and local court records—all in one place

In addition, we recognize that even the most reliable publisher
can make a mistake; when a retraction is issued, CDD
removes the original and replaces it with the new article from
the publisher so that you don’t uncover erroneous information


  1. Where a claim is spotted, our fact checkers will review for possible and credible fact checking
  2. Fact checkers engage a series of processes which includes the use of digital fact checking tools, for e.g. Google Reverse Image Search, Tineye, Invid etc. And where tools are not applicable, fact checkers applies critical thinking and other investigative approaches.
  3. Following evidence from the above process, Fact checkers concludes with a verdict
  4. Verdicts can include; TRUE, FALSE, True But Misleading, Misleading Headline